GreenCaps 3in1

In the production of GreenCaps 3in1, three filling operations are combined in one process. At the first station, a tablet is filled into the capsule. At the second station, pellets are filled into the capsule. Finally, the capsule is filled with oil and sealed. The capsule is tightly sealed with an innovative banderole.

Advantages of the GreenCaps 3in1 technology:

  • Maximum nutrient density
  • Organic quality nutrients
  • Encapsulation of organic oils and organic oil blends
  • Bioavailability optimization through liposomal absorption technology
  • Maximum metabolic efficiency
  • Less gastrointestinal irritation
  • Concealment of unpleasant smells and tastes (e.g. MCT oil drops)
  • No fillers, auxiliary or separating substances, protection against oxygen diffusion thanks to the tight shell structure (HPMC and hard gelatine capsules).
  • Once sealed, the capsules cannot be opened and resealed.
  • Vegan and on request in organic quality.


The GreenCaps 3in1 are available in different combinations:
Oil/Pellet, Oil/Powder, Oil/Tablet, Oil/Capsule, Oil/Tablet/Pellet, Oil/Powder/Pellet, and Oil/Powder/Tablet.