With BioPharmatec you produce in one of the most modern pharmaceutical production plants for food supplements in Germany. Our Fette tablet machines with all possible additional options guarantee a high-quality production process.

The raw materials are stored by us and only opened for processing and weighed on our modern digital scales. From there, the raw materials go into our mixers to create the powder mixture according to your recipes.

We fill the powder mixture from the mixer into our stainless steel transport containers in order to then dock it on our tablet machines. Our tablet machines are set up with your selected format set and production can begin. During production, every single tablet can be weighed after polishing, so that we can carry out a 100% control of your product. A metal detector provides additional safety during production.

The liquid capsule production is characterized by our innovative manufacturing process. Our machines are able to fill up to two additional components (tablets / pellets) into a capsule in one production process. Finally, the capsules are filled with oil and additionally sealed in the banding machine.

All production steps are logged by our modern software system.