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GreenCaps and liquid capsules

“When we started producing dietary supplements in our factory in ,
we knew from day one that we had to offer our customers value that no other could match.”

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We lead – We develop – We do.

Our quality of production of capsules, GreenCaps, powders and tablets with a BIO certification and HACCP certification supports our customers in retail and in the field of online food supplements to achieve their optimal sales goals.

We are a young company with the constant claim to further develop ourselves. Quality is the greatest good. We offer meticulous attention to detail in our contract manufacturing – at every level. That is why we are also aiming for ISO9001 certification by Q1/2023 and ISO22000 by Q2/2023.

Service, quality and price are three factors that will fully satisfy you as a BioPharmatec customer.


From concept to full delivery.

At BioPharmatec, we support you in bringing your vision to life. Our extensive knowledge of state-of-the-art production techniques ensure processing that is as gentle as possible and guarantees you a consistently high standard of quality.

We work closely with you at every step, starting with the strategic concept, through development, production, packaging and delivery to provide you with the complete package from a single source. When choosing our raw materials, we pay attention not only to quality but also to sustainability and diversity. If you already have the required raw materials or a part for your formulation, these can of course be taken into account during production.


When manufacturing GreenCaps 2in1 or GreenCaps 3in1, several filling processes are combined in one machine. We fill the capsules with pellets, tablets or powder. The capsule is then filled with oil and put together. The capsule is then sealed tightly in the banding process.

The highest possible quality standard is achieved through various control processes and an innovative production process at BioPharmatec.

We offer you this service

We have over 250 innovative organic formulas so we can create the perfect formula for you. Every customer has individual needs. Whether you need a specific ingredient or you want us to develop a completely new product, we are your contact.


Markus Grün

BioPharmatec GmbH is Markus Grün’s new, state-of-the-art production facility and place of work in Worms.

+49 6242 900910

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