Bilayer tablets

BioPharmatec has the option of compressing two separate powder mixtures into one tablet. This allows, for example, a two-color tablet, or the use of blends of raw materials that would not combine well in a blend.

Adding another layer is a challenging task. The previous layer needs to be prepared to bond with the next layer while still maintaining a perfect parting line between the two layers. A tablet coated in different layers with different active ingredients and release profiles has a clear therapeutic advantage.

Controlled or sustained release technology is more advantageous than single layer tablet. The bilayer tablets may be of monolithic, partially coated or multilayered structure.

Peculiarities of bilayer tablets

The use of two-layer tablets is increasing, they are used when two active ingredients cannot be combined, for example due to different active ingredient release. The machine is prepared for two-shift production by using two filling stations. In the first step, the tablet must be pre-compressed before the first layer with the second active component can be stably compressed to form a second-layer tablet.

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