Filling and Packaging

BioPharmatec packs and fills your formulation according to your individual requirements. In addition to our bulk packaging in 6 kg cartons, we also offer you all other primary and secondary packaging.

We can offer the whole packaging process, whether you want your supplements filled in cans/jars/stand-up pouches, packed in blister packs or labeled folding boxes. Everything also certified in BIO / organic!

If you already have parts or the complete packaging, this can be provided after checking. If this is not the case, we will be happy to support you.

If you would like your label to be checked, we can have it evaluated by our food expert.

Since we have been on the market for many years, we have built up a national and international logistics network and can deliver to your target market.

Sample production against expense – will be charged when the order is placed

We will offer you the best service and therefore we would like to focus on our core competencies and produce many tablets and capsules with the best quality.

We charge €250 net plus raw materials for each sample production / raw materials provided are of course not charged. You get 100 capsules or 100 tablets produced by BioPharmatec as a sample.

The sample production will be credited when the order is placed, production has taken place and invoicing is issued.

If you place an order with us, BioPharmatec will always carry out a sample production for new products in accordance with our production standards, and the product will be finalized with you.