As a refinement, BioPharmatec can cover the tablets with a coating of your choice. Various colors / gastric juice resistant / delayed release of active ingredients. In the coating process, the particle surface is covered with a coating.

Process for filming

A distinction is made between different coating processes. Every coating process consists of the same three steps: spray, mix and dry.

Filming specifically changes the surface properties for optical, haptic or technological reasons. This can involve leveling out bumps and edges to improve the look, simplify the swallowing process or make the product more resistant to moisture and oxygen. Other reasons for the coating are the masking of unpleasant smells and tastes or the controlled release of the active ingredient. BioPharmatec uses titanium dioxide-free as well as biological and enteric coatings.

BioPharmatec relies on drum coating

For filming, BioPharmatec uses the oldest process for coating and refining active ingredients, drum coating. This coating process is particularly suitable for encasing large, non-swirlable particles such as tablets, capsules or very large pellets.

Advantages of Tablet Coating:

  • Protection of the tablet (or capsule contents) from gastric acid
  • Protection of the gastric mucosa from aggressive drugs
  • Delayed release of the active ingredients
  • preservation of the tablet form
  • taste masking
  • shelf life extension
  • Vegan and on request in organic quality