GreenCaps 2in1

When manufacturing GreenCaps 2in1, two filling processes are combined in one machine. We fill the capsules with pellets, tablets or powder. Die Kapsel wird im Anschluss mit Öl aufgefüllt und zusammengesteckt. The capsule is then sealed tightly in the banding process. The highest possible quality standard is achieved through various control processes and an innovative production process at BioPharmatec.

Release in combination products.

This oral single-dose dosage form offers two delivery options. GreenCaps 2in1 capsules can be used for immediate release or combined release.

The inner capsule of this unique delivery system can contain liquid, semi-solids, powder or pellets, while the outer capsule can be either a liquid or semi-solid formulation. The outer capsule is typically used for the immediate release of a combination product or the first phase of a double release formulation. The liquid or semi-solid formulation of the outer capsule ensures a fast, liquid release of the ingredient.

An annual capacity of 150 million precisely manufactured liquid capsules guarantees you the highest level of quality and unique formulations in different capsule sizes and various batches.

Advantages of GreenCaps 2in1:

  • Free from excipients, highly bioavailable capsule shell.
  • Diverse selection of functional oils.
  • Unique combination possibilities.
  • Once sealed, the capsules cannot be opened and resealed.
  • Vegan and on request in organic quality.